Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighter In 10 

Who doesn’t like a lovely glow that adds a healthy touch of Summer on the skin? 

With so many products that resonate around the same result, making the right selection can be quite a bit overwhelming. 

Available in a wide rage of shades to act as a radiance booster, color corrector a or as makeup base shades the possibilities are endless. 

The color 10 is a warm toned golden/copper hue that is best used alone as a highlighter, before applying foundation as a radiance booster or mixed with foundation for a sun kissed glow. 

Recommended to be applied with fingertip or a makeup brush. It comes in a pump up bottle. 

OVERALL :  As promising the results sound and versatile the uses, for $62 USD , it fails to impress me. Although it doesn’t carry the “cheap glitter effect”, I hoped for a little more coverage and intensity. Having tried the recommended application techniques, I am left disappointed. 

18 comments on “Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer Highlighter In 10 

      • Oh, sometimes I like it better when it is bit “vague”… but maybe you are right 😦
        BTW, I use the GA product that was recommended by you – the liquid foundation and it works very well! I use it until now (thank you so much!)


        • Oh that’s great to hear !!! You made my day 😘
          These fluid sheets are widely popular and highly raved about, they blend into a subtle sheer .. Only thing is that it’s too pricey and i like a bit more “effect” .. You can certainly give it a sample run and might even love it .. I have however seen Revlon Photoready skin lights face illuminator to be even better and 1/6th of the price .. Will be posting review soon


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