Mentality Fervor Holographic Polish

Hello dear ones !!
Today was a very pretty sunny day .. And I was praying for sun to swatch the very gorgeous holo from Mentality polish..friends .. Meet FERVOR !!

This is a silver based holo, great formula (although it looks a bit runny, it’s super easy to work with and slides super smoothly) .. It’s definitely comparable to the OPi formula .. It can be used as a double coater but I got greedy looking for more holo and used 3 coats. The swatches show no top/ base coat .. Pictures Taken in direct sun 🙂




This is a comparison, pictures taken in direct sun and shade:


Now I was too excited about the holos but wondering if these polishes last, The pictures show polishes 2nd and 3rd day after application, notice a little tip chipping and that’s all I got after 3 day wear .. Well worth the $9.25 USD (and did I mention free shipping, no minimum) … Also checkout the holo !! Pictures taken at night and indoors:



OVERALL: I can’t say that I am not impressed by the price and the quality of the polishes ! I am now eyeing some of their matte finish polishes, they look too good to pass 🙂 .. I guess I am just a little greedy :))
Also don’t go by the swatches on their Web Site, they don’t do justice to the polishes !! Give these a try and I am sure they will be a permanent in your addition. BTW, my mom fell in love with the Rosalyn and the Shadow I swatched earlier and so I don’t own them anymore 😦
Let me know what you all think ?? (Judge the polish and not my mom who took em :), I totally love her )



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