Rozge Cosmeceutical Ceramide-C™ Serum Anti-Aging Capsules

This one post has taken me over a month to out together , the longest any product ever !! I wanted to try and make sure I do not endorse an item that doesn’t work. I won an Instagram Giveaway by Rozge and got to pick any one item from their products. I picked THIS !!!

From what I remember Elizabeth Arden used to sell Vitamin E capsules years back, and since then I have been eager to try one. I was absolutely excited and ecstatic when I saw these capsules on the website and quickly requested them.

They look so pretty that before you use them, you will Fall in love already!







OVERALL: Made of all natural Ingredients, you need just one capsule to do the magic. I just twist the end off and the oil is enough to massage on face and neck. This has drastically improved the dehydrated/glow less look of my skin. Since it’s all natural, I have noticed no side effects of any soft in my use. Since I need that extra moisture for my skin these oils are extremely helpful. They don’t have any anti-aging chemicals so you get the hydration with a youthful glow.They can be purchased online via
Also follow them on Instagram, if you are not doing so already to win amazing Giveaways they keep holding!!


14 comments on “Rozge Cosmeceutical Ceramide-C™ Serum Anti-Aging Capsules

  1. Wow, it looks like a very technological product in a certain way. Yes, Elisabeth Arden used to sell a similar product some time ago, I remember they gave me a sample, but then I skipped the purchase as it is not so much straighforward at 20 years old to get the power of a serum oil into pills. I’m sure it’s an effective product though, it looks like a stronger formula..

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  2. I have been really inpressed by this product. I have used quite a few facw hydration formuals ans serums and they seemed nothinf more than hefty price tags and nice fragrance. Being a mom and sleep depeived i need something to bring that glow back and this peoduct did! I couldnt be more imoressed. Sadly just because its not a hi-end “brand” tag, many people dont know about it ..


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