Revlon Highlighting Palette – 30 Bronze Glow 

Available in 3 shades, Revlon has come up with its own take on the cult favourite Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. 

Just shy of $10 USD, it’s a 5 color strip in one palette deal. It comes in a clear plastic case with no brushes or mirrors, so it’s just the palette that you pay for. 

The double pictures swatches are in direct and indirect sunlight. Although it appears to have a shimmer, it doesn’t tranfer to the cheek as a glitter, so it’s very muted. 

OVERALL :  The powder applies just fine and gives a subtle bronzy color but that’s about it. It is no where comparable to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. The powder is not finely milled and although it appears neat in the palette, it had a tremendous amount of fall out. I applied it by swirling my powder brush over the palette and then applying over my cheeks, sadly the white bathroom sink I was leaning over to access the mirror was filled with bronzy powder falling out, something I never experienced before. I had much higher quality expectations from Revlon. The product quality was extremely unsatisfactory and I would compare it to the ultra cheap Elf brand, chunky and disappointing. 

14 comments on “Revlon Highlighting Palette – 30 Bronze Glow 

  1. I was exactly wondering if this could be considered a dupe for the Bobbi Brown wonderful Shimmer Bricks, not to save money, but rather because I can’t retrieve Bobbi Brown easily, but no, it doesn’t make sense, after reading your post. I had a horrible product fallout also with an eye shadows palette from Revlon, but thought it was only old or badly stored…now I guess it’s a lack of performance in all their powders…


    • Yea, unfortunately the Revlon powders are horrible. Hmmm, if you cannot find Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks, I would suggest a more luxurious option instead. Even MAC has some amazing highlighters. Or the best will be NARS, try the multiples, I am obsessed with them !


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