Playboy Lipstick – In The Pink & Bubblegum Pink

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I always associated Playboy with the “educational and inspirational” magazines, bunny ears and the bunny costume, playboy mansion and the endless parties. I had no idea they made makeup, and yes the “traditional” makeup!
I share two lipsticks I got a chance to review ..







OVERALL: Very creamy lipsticks I must say. Easy to glide and apply. Hydrating. The only disappointing factor was the Bubblegum pink Color, doesn’t go with my skin tone a bit. The other color, In The Pink, was just my kind. Will be definitely wearing it in the future. I believe these sell for under £2 Each, so you cannot beat that price.


10 comments on “Playboy Lipstick – In The Pink & Bubblegum Pink

  1. I like the shade, In the Pink best too. I have a hard time wearing shade like Bubblegum. I think if you’re fair skinned it kind of washes you out a bit, if you know what I mean. Lovely post! 🙂

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  2. I agree, the more ‘mauve’ pink is very tricky…too ‘cold’ on medium-dark skin tones, as well as too violet for paler people like me, but the good news is that you can melt it down in the microwave and mix it to a touch of something else, to correct the color. I’ve re-created a couple of lipsticks in this way.

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