A Hint Of Cuba : Cheek And Lip Stain From W7

For those who have been following my blog, I had posted my first review of W7 Makeup. I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and ease of application. The foundation still remains amongst my favorites. The cheek blush stick and bronzer and always in my carry bag for quick touch-ups.

This is another one such product. In a 10 ml bottle, it appears more like a traditional but flashy nail polish.
Inside is a thick nail polish brush and a color to make your cheeks blush!

A hint of Cuba is a Coral/Orange tinted color, and although it appears rather bright to look at, on blending it gives a subtle tint of Spring blossoms on your cheeks. For lips I have noticed that the best way is dabbing on lips with the brush and blending with do her tips for an orange Popsicle colored tinted lip color.



It appears to be excessive but it blends to very subtle touch of color. Blending is effortlessly perfected with using your fingertips, no tools needed, Hence perfect addition to your cosmetic bag.




OVERALL: I would compare them to the widely popular Cheek Stains from Benefits Cosmetics but for a fraction of the price. It lasts hours without the need to touch up. They can be purchased online via EBay, Amazon, Directly from the W7 Cosmetics. Check out the other products from the brand, I highly recommend trying them out.

*Press Samples, Provided for my Unbiased Consideration


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