Pixi By Petra Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition : Eye & Cheek Palette


It opens like a Tri-Fold book, with the first left holding 20 eyeshadows. Center holds 6 Each of Cheek blushes and Cheek highlighters. The final Tab has the next 20 eyeshadows.

Swatches are from Left To Right and moving Top to Bottom on the EyeShadow Palettes. I skipped the cheek palette swatches to the last. That is, shown are Page Tab 1 and 3.








Next up are the swatches for the Cheek powders.




OVERALL : Amazing !!! Excelled color payoff. Colors very finely milled and pigmented. The quality of blushes do remind of NARS. I would highly recommended this to all beauty lovers. Great for everyday use or travel. Retails at $34 USD. Available online at Pixi.com, currently at HALF OFF FOR $17 USD or In stores at Target.


18 comments on “Pixi By Petra Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition : Eye & Cheek Palette

  1. Hello ma belle, I was interested in swatches of this palette and they you published them! I feel lucky now. 😉 The pigmentation is impressive, I know Pixi does also an exfoliating tonic which is great and highly recommended by facialists. Very good value for money I think.


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