Misconceptions about Veganism Part 2

I am not an animal rights activist, but this is painful

Leila Lina

This is a continuation of my “Misconceptions about Veganism” series in which I address some of the most popular questions and skeptical remarks about veganism. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

Let’s continue!

What’s wrong with Eggs and Dairy? Obtaining these products doesn’t harm the animal.

These industries cause just as much pain and suffering as the meat industry, if not more. Cows are forcibly impregnated each year for their entire lives. Mother cows form an immediate and strong bond with their calves. But their babies are repeatedly stolen away from them so that humans can drink their milk. If the calf is female, she is destined to become a dairy cow like her mother. If he is male, he is locked in a small crate, fed a cheap formula made of slaughter byproducts, and is slaughtered for veal after a few miserable, lonely months…

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4 comments on “Misconceptions about Veganism Part 2

  1. Are you a vegetarian/vegan yourself? I always admire people who are, to me it seems like a lot of effort not being able to eat everything. On the other hand, I’ve been ‘part time vegetarian’ since the bf is a veggie, and I have meat like once a week or something. I like it that way 🙂


    • No … I am a full non vegetarian .. But when I am looking at these pictures and what it takes, I really want to make the switch .. It’s hard to eat what we eat.. When we know the pain and the blood it takes


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