Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – Worth The Buy…?

Well,what more can I say but yes I caved 😕
I have been looking at this palette in stores and pretty much every blog, it was only matter of time before I fell to its temptation.
Now I have read mixed reviews, but sometimes you just don’t care anymore!
So well, here it is THE HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING PALETTE!!! , I purchased mine from Sephora for $58 USD.

This palette includes Incandescent Light (Center) a shade exclusive to this palette, and two existing shades, Dim Light (Left) and Radiant Light (Right). Pictures have been taken in different lights. The powder has been shown in






This is each color blended by a finger tip and then they all blended together :



OVERALL: The powders are super soft and blend so easy that all you need is a sweep across the face (no blending needed). My favorite and the most stunning of the 3 is Incandescent Light. However, the powders don’t work for my medium skin tone. I saw no noticeable effects, so my understanding is that’s probably more suited for lighter skins. All in all, probably NOT worth the hype.


20 comments on “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – Worth The Buy…?

  1. I find the majority of these ‘luminescent’ powders do not work on tanned, medium or darker skin tones, they have the tendency to make the skin look ashy or over-powdered. So many of them are really not worth the investment! Thank you for the review-it’s great as always!


    • You my friend are so right !! I did notice that over – powered look .. And instead of making me look brighter, I ended up looking “poorly” madeup. I have tried the Nyx highlighters that are much better .. Maybe I’ll post that review next ..! Thank you for the comment 🙂

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  2. That’s too bad that you didn’t notice a difference because I absolutely love this stuff. I use it more as a finishing powder though and usually incandescent light as a subtle highlighter. I’m sure that with time you may find other uses for it 🙂


  3. Hi! Here in Paris, there are dozen of these shimmery powders and they’re all super pricey, but when you try them, they all leave the impression of a ‘washed out’ face…perhaps I’m not the best make up artist in the world, but I would invest in something else, such as a good eye shadow palette or a product for the base…


  4. I adore this palette, but then again I am definitely on the paler side so it is worth the investment for me! In Australia the price of the palette was $95.00 and has just dropped down to $86.00, ridiculous!!


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