The Looks – Limited Edition Makeup By One Direction

Hey friends!

I am super excited to share the One Direction “THE LOOKS” Limited Edition Makeup Collection.
Now it’s not released just yet but it will be hitting stores in a few days so you might want to book your calendars.
Now, the collection comes in a keepsake box and is aimed at your inner personality. With 3 styles and an included makeup illustrations it can’t be ignored.




Niall Horan from the group posted this picture on twitter a while back while the group was working on the collection :



I will be sharing the Up All Night Set:


EYE PALETTE: Swatches show Single deep swipe and then smudging with a finger…after I was done I was a me to clean my hands with a dry tissue, so I won’t call these smudge free or long lasting on their own.Colors are super pretty though.




LIPSTICK : Ok, this is how it came. I opened the lipstick and it was not attached to the base but to the lid and hence smudged. I don’t like this hot neon Barbie pink color. It’s definitely NOT a color for an adult, I’d rate it more teenage apt. This was super disappointing.


LIPGLOSS IN TAKEN: This is a bright pink lipgloss with suspended shimmer and it supposedly glows in black light. Now anytime I use a gloss with suspended shimmer, I don’t like it. It feels heavy and “cheap” quality to me. That’s my personal choice I don’t know how you all
Might approve of it. I have it applied over the lipstick and the bottom
Pictures show how I tried to run it off my hand and lips and I have this residue glitter .. Not glad.



STENCILS: They are simply 5 paper stencils. Just regular thick paper and not something that can be used multiple times unless applied with the dry body and eye crayon I am sharing next.


BODY AND EYE CRAYON: This is a teal blue crayon that can be used for erasable body art (with the stencils) or as eye crayon. Super nice color, soft and easy to apply. Sadly not long lasting and not waterproof.


MASCARA: It’s a pretty standard mascara, black in color and nothing special.


NAIL POLISH IN NA NA NA: the swatches show single and then triple coats. Easy to apply, sadly not the most unique color.


OVERALL: Fun collection but frankly speaking, I don’t like the quality.

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