Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Powder Makeup

This is the Longwear flawless sunscreen powder makeup with an SPF 15. For a Net Weight of 0.45Oz it costs $52.50, and I couldn’t be more glad. It’s available in 15 shades for perfect skin match.
Mine was purchased from Nordstrom.
It comes with a special face sponge that pick just the right product and renders a great medium/full coverage. Sponge makes it much easier to use and blend than a brush that usually comes with Chanel (or the other face compacts). It’s also much easier to get coverage on hard to reach face corners.
Within minutes, the powder embraces the skin like perfection.


Being very fine,the powder is very forgiving to application imperfections. And as always, it carries the fresh subtle Chanel fragrance.




This is a Without(L) and With (R) comparison, taken indoors with artificial light. Notice the subtle glow on skin with application:


OVERALL : It a definite investment, but I guarantee you are not going back. While in store, give it a try and you will be compelled to own it.


29 comments on “Chanel Double Perfection Lumiere Powder Makeup

  1. Probably I’m the only one in the world who has not been satisfied by the Chanel make up…everything got dry, chipped or harsh very soon (lip pencils, mascaras, nail polishes, blushers, eye shadows…) I’ve read very positive reviews online, but I’m still convinced it’s all a great loss of money…


  2. I love this, but I definitely recommend buying it in the store, not on ebay or whatever suspicious sites because there are a lot of knockoffs for Chanel makeup. I bet you were glowing like a queen ^_^


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