Dior Creme De Rose Soothing Plumping Lip Balm

Now one thing any women can’t ignore is owning a luxurious brand. The quality is great but the feeling of possession is better than an orgasm! (You know I’m right!)
I’m sharing the Dior Creme De Rose lip Plumping balm today, retailing at $26 USD for 0.25oz it’s definitely pricey.

The must have care for damaged lips. The lip balm allies the expertise of Dior research in nutrition to the delicate smoothness of rose petals. All its nourishing power comes from the rare and precious Damask Rose essential oil extract together with an anti-aging complex and Shea butter. Lips are instantly smoothed, moisturized, beautifully plumped and soft. Totally addictive!

The product is sheer and spreads to the most amazing Rose scented goodness. Instantly soothes dry parched Summer lips. However it doesn’t last too long. It’s great to apply under a lipstick or directly for moisturizing.





OVERALL: Super hydrating and absolute Rose petals on lips feeling. It works well but sadly doesn’t last any different than a chap stick like Burt bees… For the price and the packaging it’s a sure indulgence. My suggestion, try it once for sure.


17 comments on “Dior Creme De Rose Soothing Plumping Lip Balm

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