NYX Rouge Cream Blush In CB01 Rose Petal, CB02 Neutral & CB11 Boho Chic

Available in 9 shades and retailing at $6 Each, these are pretty amazing to add to an everyday look.




Clockwise from top is Natural (Left), Boho Chic (Right) and Rose Petal (Bottom).










With and Without Flash : (L-R) : Natural, Boho Chic, Rose Petal



OVERALL: The best formula was for Natural, it is super creamy and blends like butter. My biggest challenge was Boho Chic, it was shimmery and quite difficult to blend and get an even tone. Rose Petal was a good color and was in between the two formulas for me.


33 comments on “NYX Rouge Cream Blush In CB01 Rose Petal, CB02 Neutral & CB11 Boho Chic

    • I tried a brush but I preferred applying with the fingers and then blending with the same … But yes for something very precise you might want to apply on the back of the hand and then apply to the face with a brush …


  1. They look so buttery, I love cream blushers because they’re so easy to apply, and NYX always has a nice selection of colours. I’ll keep an eye out for these!


  2. I have Boho Chic and I find it way too sheer to work with. I don’t want to build it up heavily either because I don’t want to have a ton of cream blush on my cheeks. Have you experienced the same thing?


    • Yes absolutely! Boho Chic was the worst formula of the three. It was way too sheer and just a shimmer, it was quite hard to spread and even out as well. I just kept thinking it was just me but I am glad I am not alone to not quite like the formula. You might want to try the Natural, it was so soft and creamy .. Applies like a dream and very subtle ….


      • That one really disappointed me and I actually wasn’t going to get any more shades. I’ll try out Natural though, the shades look pretty similar too.


        • The natural is more neutral times where as boho is pink toned .. They look similar but they are quite different when you use them .. You will sure feel the comparison side by side. I also have purchased the cream blushes by Revlon, I have not tried them yet, will post about them soon, but they also seem
          Pretty nice ..


          • I’ve got a Revlon cream blush too. It’s so different in texture, kinda moussy and so easy to blend. With the NYX one I hate that sticky feeling on my face which the Revlon ones don’t have.


  3. Very interesting review. They all look quite bold, maybe one should pick up a very tiny amount of product…I’m sure I would get two big and strong apples on the cheeks, being so much pale… 😀


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