Accessory Fanatic – For Accessory Lovers

I recently won a Pintrest giveaway by Accessory Fanatic.

Accessory Fanatic was formed with the idea of keeping the world beautiful one accessory at a time.

The prize came in today with a lovely handwritten note and a free gift, lovely studs !!!!

Oh just a note: pictures are NOT blurry as they appear, it’s the shimmer of the jewelry !





The last picture was to show the reversed view of the beads. It’s called the Zena Hermatite Jeweled necklace. Part of their Hollywood Glamour collection. Retails at $19. They can be followed via twitter @AccsryFanatic

Oh and they have amazingstuff at affordable prices, so do check them out , here are some I really want ..


* The products were sent as a part of free giveaway without subject to any terms. All opinion is my own. I am not getting any compensation of any kind what so ever.


29 comments on “Accessory Fanatic – For Accessory Lovers

  1. Excellent gifts for lover and i think you are put such a great collection which is really look attractive when someone wear all these stuff. Many Thanks please keep continue posting with with new design of Accessory for Lovers


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