LVX Greige

I just went back to an old bottle of LVX Greige.

The perfect blend of gray and brown, Greige is a refreshing new neutral that conquers the traditional fall gray. The subtle brown undertones help this dynamic hue pair well with every color in the palette. Greige is the perfect neutral for fall and winter and it grounds this season’s collection with its versatility.

The polish applies so well, needs 2 coats for a creamy streak free finish. I love this color for a prefect blend with a formal look or a colorful attire.
At $16 a bottle, I must say that I am yet to see any other polish being able to justify the price tag. I own a few different colors from this brand and they have never stained, never chipped and have been the longest wear polishes I own.



And this is after 4 days, sans top/base coat…


So that’s Greige, for someone who doesn’t like neutrals and find them non-flattering to my skin tone .. This one is a big winner.


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