YSL Nail Vernis In 1 Rouge Pop Art

I think I am falling in love! The more I want to avoid falling for the fancy-shmancy brand names, the more I am loving the YSL cosmetics.
I have owned the polish for over 2 months now, but i guess, I am too lazy to put together a post.

This is a bright bold Blood Red with a hint of orange. Applies so well! The brush is flat and round tipped but it’s so perfect that it picks enough color for single stroke flawlessly. The formula is a bit on the thin side (I find it comparable to Opi) , but it’s so rich that it applies and covers superbly. Pictures showe double coats. Dry time is average and finish is glossy. I keep thinking its a close dupe to Opi Red Hot Rio… Will check and post it separately.







OVERALL: Great !! Love everything about it! Costs $27 USD , but it’s so amazing to look at and use, you will be glad to pamper yourself.

Long wear formula with Chil Rose Oil strengthens, moisturizes and protects nails from chipping and cracking. Dries fast and applies evenly without streaking. La Laque Couture is equipped with a new custom-made brush that allows an easy and fast application. The nail lacquer perfectly adheres to the brush that pulls the drop instead of pushing it for a flawless and intense result.

Please : Let me know if there are any special requests you will like me to post.. If I have those polishes, I can post about them.


16 comments on “YSL Nail Vernis In 1 Rouge Pop Art

  1. I’ve been obsessed with YSL lipstick but I’ve never tried their polish, maybe it’s time! Just curious, how long does it last? I feel like my nail polish chips so fast because I’m always washing my hands, dishes, kids hands, ect. Do you use a clear coat on top to keep it from chipping?


    • To be most honest , this is my first time too. I have had it on for 2 days now and all I used was a Sally Hansen Base coat. The shine still remains although I have a little tip wear. Besides that it’s been going great while surviving cooking, cleaning, bathing kids .. I like it more than Dior that wears off the next day !! And no top coat works for me, some weird reason top coats make my polish peel the next day!


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