Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystals Wavelength

This is a part of the Liquid Crystals Collection, Wavelength is defined as

pink micro-glitter in sheer purple pink

This was such a pleasant surprise!! A bright Fuschia pink, sparkles and shines like crushed crystals. Application was easy, formula was a bit on the thin side but two coats work just fine. Pictures taken in direct sunlight in the room…





OVERALL: For $12.50 USD a pop

20140609-091216-33136693.jpg, I couldn’t be more glad.
Available in 14 shades, it’s hard to find them all in store for some reason but I am now eyeing a few other colors in the same. It finishes super smooth and glossy with a defined Sparkle NOT a glitter. You’re sure to love it.


18 comments on “Sephora Formula X Liquid Crystals Wavelength

  1. everybody ( … and their dogs ) rave about the formulation of this new Formula X nail polish! how long it lasts, though?
    I sure hope you buy more to read the reviews! who knows? I might have to buy some and I have to be prepared! lol
    hope you had a great weekend, sweetie! xx


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