Dior Addict Fluid Stick 754 Pandore, 575 Wonderland, 639 Artifice

Frankly speaking I am not a lip color person, but my recent encounter at Sephora, more than impressed me into buying 3 of the Dior Addict Fluid Sticks.

It’s a dense, highly pigmented liquid lipstick. Easy to apply, it feels a bit like rubber once it’s dry, which allows it to stretch with the lips for lasting power…..
Available in 18 colors, from
Neutrals to vibrants and retailing at $35 USD Each for 0.18oz.

Swatches show:
Upper picture single swipe of color on lips.
Lower picture shows stains left after being well wiped with a tissue. Gives you an idea of the staying power.

First up : 754 Pandore : Red



575 Wonderland : Fuschia Pink



639 Artifice : Tangerine/ Orange



OVERALL : Agreed, it’s a bit of a splurge. But I have no complaints. Excellent color, sets really quick to a glossy lipstick look. I find them a bit comparable to L’oreal Extraordinaire lip colors, in terms of formula and consistency but it finishes different, you feel it drying to “set”.
Best description: It feels like a lipstick looks like a gloss and stays like a lip stain …

It’s worth a try and you will be pleased.
Would you be purchasing these ? Would love to hear … 😊


25 comments on “Dior Addict Fluid Stick 754 Pandore, 575 Wonderland, 639 Artifice

    • Oh yes !! Damn these people keep making a good color !!! My each buy I try to justify by the same expression … “It’s a lovely shade and I need to buy it ” …. I’m practically broke 😄😄


    • I love the L’oreal too, it’s just a tad bit heavy … But great product and really lasts ! The Dior is a bit rubber like and seems to dry on the base touching the lips, kinda sets in while giving the glossy shine , but it does feel great and has a clean feel!


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