Essie Haute In The Heat Collection Summer 2014 Swatches

The first one Is Ruffles & Feathers, called the peacock teal.
Great formula, cream glossy finish. I love it! 2 coats for the pictures.



I was a bit disappointed that it was probably a dupe to my LVX Viridian, turns out LVX is blue toned while Essie is green .. So I’m glad. The swatches show 2 coats of Essie on pointer and ring and 2 coats of LVX on middle and little finger. Personally Essie wins for me…



Next up, collection namesake Haute In The heat, a hot Rasberry color. Great formula, thick single coater for coverage. Cream glossy finish.
Not a huge fan if the color as I have quite a few in the similar shades, so I don’t see why I would spend $8USD again..although I did !



Finally, Strut Your Stuff, Cobalt Aqua Blue and the best of the 3!!
Single thick coater, great cream glossy finish, perfect in every sense.



Comparing Strut your Stuff (L) to I’m Arddicted from
The Neons 2014 Collection (R)


I’m addicted is 3 coats and lighter colored blue. Strut Your Stuff is darker blue and single coater. Swatch with I’m addicted on middle finger…


OVERALL: Fun collection. But not absolutely unique. I will pick the formula from this collection and the colors from the Neons 2014.


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