Hard Candy 795 Pop-Arazzi

My first Hard Candy polish from Walmart.. Clear base with suspended dots.. Blue, pink, yellow, green, white .. It’s a confetti in a bottle !
The reason I bought this particular polish is because I saw same polish by different makers being swatched ..

The only complaint: If you swipe the brush on nails it doesn’t transfer the dots, So you take a brush full and dab on the nail ..



This is dabbed over nude polish (on pointer/middle finger) and baby pink polish (on ring/little finger)


This is a similar polish from Milani swatched by Vampy Varnish, same colors differ size..


This is from Finger Paints, swatched by ApolishAholic


OVERALL: Fun polish ! Not the most unique but not bad at all .. 😊 although not of my favorite kinds.


14 comments on “Hard Candy 795 Pop-Arazzi

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know that VV doesn’t let anyone use her pictures even if you link back to her website…unless you obtained her permission? Just an FYI.


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