Illamasqua Glamore Collection – Trillant

I have been lusting after the Shattered Glass glitter Nail Polishes, part of the Illamasqua Glamore Collection ever since it was released, and I finally went for it 🙂

I picked the Trillant because I don’t have a similar color in my stash.
It’s a silver color with golden and pink undertones. The polish finishes textured matte and is a double coater. Pictures show no top/ base coat. It has suspended circular glitter in a glitter base. Great formula, Average drying time and long lasting.

The pictures are taken in direct sun light but they don’t justify it’s charm, and the polish really glitters !!






OVERALL :Great quality. Excellent formula. Super glittery. Fun color but wearable without worrying about skipping the “formal” color.

So .. What do you all think of it ….? Do let me know … 🙂


8 comments on “Illamasqua Glamore Collection – Trillant

    • Oh May god you are so right !! I had the same problem removing this one too !! But I use the acetone remover I got from Harmon Discount store , cost me $2.99 for a big bottle and it works wonders !! Glitters come off super easy .. Give it a go


      • I usually just get the professional strength “100% acetone” bottles. Prob not very good for your nails but hey it does the trick well and fast. I also found that if you go out and they put “x’s” on your hands, acetone will take off the residue well for the next day
        Just a random fact haha


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