Rimmel London 710 Sunny Days Nail Art

Hello friends !
Did anyone catch the Lunar Eclipse last night ?? I was looking forward to witnessing it and my husband was not so keen .. But it so happened that I dozed off by 12:45 am and Mr Hubby got caught up taking care if his job that he happened to see it 😦
Well , that’s life … Today is cold and cloudy and I am missing the warm sun .. So here is the sun on the nails !

This is my first time using the Rimmel London, it cost me under $2 USD at Walgreens , tiny bottle.. Thick brush that’s very easy to use , formula a bit on the thick side. Pictures show no top/base coat .. Needed 4 coats for opaque coverage but still a bit streaky….pictures taken in direct sun …



I added a few strokes of Orange Nail Art Color to just add a bit of Spring Pop to the nails..



OVERALL : Super cute bottle, easy to use brush. Fun color , not a “screaming” yellow but more on the traditional classic yellow tone. Needs 3-4 coats for full effect. Drying time is average. A great fun color for Summer , and surely a tempting price 🙂


5 comments on “Rimmel London 710 Sunny Days Nail Art

  1. I LOVE this! I have almost all of these per your poerivus recommendations. Seriously, Cara, you have helped me feel prettier than ever since I’ve been reading your blog. I love your tips and videos and they’re easy to do and practical. I also appreciate how fun and incredibly witty you are! I found you on Pinterest while I was at home after having a baby and I really needed to feel good again; you have helped me do that. Thank you! (I’m sure my husband would want to thank you, too!) I can’t wait for your new tutorials. Keep up the great work. You make a difference!


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