Feather Nails with NYC Lexington Lilac

Hello darlings!!

Can’t contain the smiles the sun is bringing on my face !!
I bought a *crazy lot but not enough* bit of stuff for Summer and can’t wait to try on 🙂

I have been holding on to this polish for quite a while now, wanting to use it, just didn’t get a chance ..
These are 2 coats, no top coat. Easy application. Lilac color with grey undertones.



Now I wanted to do something fun.. So I pulled out a feather from one of my down filled jackets and while polish was a little wet, I placed it on the nail with tweezers….



Cut the extra feather off with scissors or cuticle clippers. Avoid a top coat as my Seche Vite made a gooey mess and drowned the feather in it… Overall I loved the polish and coat me $1.99 at CVS.. The feather was an added touch 🙂 although a few crystals added to the whole look will be very fun … !!



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