Revlon Plum Seduction

Dear friends..
Now the polish I have swatched is a really old one, but has its charms nevertheless…

It’s the Revlon Plum Seduction..
It’s a great cream formula, double coater , glossy finish, Super easy application.!
The pictures are taken indoors with direct sunlight with no top coat.. The color is more of a pink .. Fuchsia if I may than a plum ..but it’s pretty alright .. Great Spring/ summer choice ..



This was taken in shade in a sunlight room:


Finally : I put together a little nail fun .. Dotted with the brush using Ulta Encore pink


Super fun and super easy 🙂

Overall: great color and easy to use. A sure must have. No issues with drying .. Dries quick. Sometimes you need to use the basic colors and that just make it special 🙂
Let me know what you all think .. Would surely like to know ..


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