Revlon Parfumerie Lavender Soap & Revlon Nail Art Shiny Matt

Hello dear friends..

I have been a bit curious about the Revlon Scented Nail Paints, Revlon Parfumerie for a while now. I have been owning the (as crazy as it sounds) “Lavender Soap”, a satin finish light lavender color. The bottle is super attractive, brush is a little smaller than usual Revlon, it’s easy to use though.
Revlon defines the collection as

A whole new way to experience color. Vibrant, shiny shades go on smoothly for flawless color then dry to light, irresistible fragrances. In 24 scented colors.

Yea…. NO ! I didn’t like the smell of laundry detergent on my nails 😦

The application was simple although being a satin formula it’s streaky. I used two coats with a top coat. The color though was pretty nice. The polish has a shine, ascent nail has a nail appliqué I purchased long back for a $1 for a full sticker leaf from the dollar store.
Pictured along with Revlon Shiny Matt Nail Art Pen, used to draw fine charcoal grey lines around cuticles and extended to one side along the nail.




Overall : The color is quite pretty. The bottle seems to carry a little shimmer/shine that does come on to the nail. But unless you are a fan of “laundromat” smell, I highly doubly you can stand the smell, it’s a bit more obnoxious than the actual nail polish smell … The bottle is super pretty though.. And the polish does have a pearly-satin finish.
The nail art pen from Revlon, I will review it in another post with swatches… Let me know what you all think 🙂

Thanks for reading …
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