Marble Nail Art … Finally !!!!!

Hello dear friends !!
For those who witnessed my Marble Nail .. Well .. “Disaster” (here), I have finally got it !!

The art creates such distinctive look that I was desperate to get it right.
I have tried many YouTube tutorials, blogs but nothing really worked. I had almost given up when I came across this really amazing, step by step and simplified post by Lacquerish, published in 2011. It’s so great that I finally got the results.

I didn’t use any fancy tools. All I got was a tiny (mouthwash size) paper cup that was easy to dispose and avoid cleaning efforts.


A hair clip, the click ones (sorry can’t find a better way to say it). I bent the rear pin out to have a fine and sharp surface. (A safety pin could have been better, had I found it)


Now the nail polishes I was earlier using were some old and some new.This time around I used all new (under a yr old) polishes. Just to make sure the formula was still consistent and easily spreads a film over water surface (if it doesn’t spread or sinks in water, skip the polish for this purpose)

Now the instructions were followed from the link above and here are my results :



Now I didn’t put any tapes (again didn’t have that handy and I usually do all this after kids are asleep, so I avoided movement around the room, figured I can just clean the fingers later on)
Starting from down to up on first picture and left to right in bottom picture are attempts one to four…

This is me after cleaning up:



The first one was too much red, (white base)
Attempt two was two colors (white base)
Attempt three was lavender, blue, green, pink and red colors. (White base)
Attempt 4 was on a silver base, green and red color used.

Now a close up :



So finally : It’s doable :))
Let me know what you all think !!

Thanks for reading …
If you would like for me or the readers to checkout your blog for a related post please leave a link in the comments section, we will be more than happy to give it read!!!! That’s how blogging friends work.. Sharing common interests Right?? 🙂


Would love to hear your inputs please....

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