Opi Designer Series: NOT worth it

Hello Friends!!
For “holo hunters” like me… I have a disappointing news.. The Opi Designer Series is a No-No ! At $12.50 USD I tried 4 colors that I was hoping I could wear Designer Series Reserve, Radiance, Reflection, Extravagance … This is a thick single coat application of each in the same order from Left-Right… The picture is taken indoors during the day ..


The next two are pictures taken in direct sun, still no holo 😦



Finally: pictures taken indoor inside a store bright lights.. 😦 no holo



20140214-154828.jpg Opi DS Reserve

20140214-154917.jpg Opi DA Radiance

20140214-155012.jpg Opi DS Reflection

20140214-155042.jpg Opi DS Extravagance

Overall: I would call the colors pretty, nice formula, easy application and good coverage.. But NOT a holo !! Shimmer YES .. Holo NO freakin way ..
Lemme know what you all think ..I was disappointed 😦

Thanks for reading …
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Would love to hear your inputs please....

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