Essie Mamba & Opi Ski Slope Sweetie

Hey friends !!
Sorry about the delayed posts, but my baby has decided to NOT sleep all these nights !! I was buys planning my older son’s 5th year Disney Cars themed birthday party!! I am still lacking sleep 😦
Anyways .. I have this super pretty neutral earthy color from Essie.. Mamba.
The color is smooth satin double coat finish , with scattered silver shimmer.
The pictures are without a top coat (none seemed required as the polish itself had a nice smooth shiny finish)





I topped it with a single – half nail length covering brush strokes of Opi Ski Slope Sweetie. It’s part of the limited Edition Mariah Carey Holiday Collection 2013. I love pretty much every bit of this collection !! The polish was smooth, with iridescent golden shimmer!! It has a pearl like finish and a single coater can be used as a top coat to enhance any polish !!


The Opi polish was such shine, yet missing the glitter “finish/ look” that it was hard to capture!! The Opi Ski Slope Sweetie was prefect balance of transparent/ opaque, shimmer/ subtle….!

Overall : LOVING both the polishes. used together or on their own, they are a great addition to a collection !

Thanks for reading …
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