LVX Scarlet, Chambord, Viridian

Hello friends !!
I have three LVX polishes to share. My love for these polishes keeps getting more and more intense!
The quality is great, they don’t smell bad at all, don’t stain my nails and a look at the swatches will do rest of the talking 🙂

First up is the Scarlet.

Scarlet is an intricate color; polish one coat for a gray finish with complex maroon undertones and two coats to achieve a full captivating maroon-gray. This mind-blowing color is a must try. Pair Scarlet with timeless jet-set black.

I do agree with the description. It does appear grey with one coat but I didn’t like the look of it. The formula was a little thin and runny. I did shake the bottle to make sure it was not from settling of the glitter, however the consistency still remained thin. The polish does build well, dries quick and swatches are with three coats and a top coat. The polish does have a mysterious element to it, color changes to deep violet under a flash. Although not my favorite from this brand, it’s something that will be liked by others. It’s part of the Winter Resort 2014 Collection.



And this is under a flash:


Up next is LVX Chambord

This groundbreaking raspberry exults energy and drama. This rich and deep fuscia is extremely appealing because of its complex red undertones. Chambord is the perfect sultry shade for summer and grounds our palette for the season. Pair this affluent color with nude for an ultra chic look.

This is a gorgeous single coater. LVX polishes have surely mastered the art of making single coater polishes that finish streak free with minimal user expertise required for application




I am holding up the LVX Chambord (center) with Revlon Cherries In the Snow (left) and the Revlon Red (right), for a color comparison.


Finally ! Say hello to Viridian.

Emerald, named Color of the Year for 2013 by Pantone, is this season’s it color. Our adaptation of this stunning gemstone is vivacious and will intensify any outfit. Pair this bold green with soft and romantic purples, like our very own Azalea.

This is such a vibrant, vivacious and fresh single coater, streak free, rich cream formula ! ( I know but it totally deserves these adjectives !!) the pictures are without a top coat since the formula was quite glossy on its own 🙂




I am holding up the LVX Viridian and the L’oreal Not A Cloud In Sight (right) for a color comparison…


Overall : It’s quite impossible to NOT love all the colors and admit that it’s a great product. I have had not staining of nails after prolonged use and the polishes don’t smell of the “usual” polish smell…

Thanks for reading …
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