Opi Brazil Collection !!

The new Opi collection Brazil will be on sale beginning February 5,2014 including Both nail lacquer ($10.95 each) and gel formulas. The 12 Vibrant colors will be carnival on your finger tips !
For texture polish lovers, Beach Sandies Liquid Sand 4 piece mini pack will be something to look forward to!

Click for Swatches : courtesy ImageBeautyGeek

1) Next Stop.. The Bikini Zone
2) Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around
3) Taupe-Less Beach
4) I Sao Paulo Over There
5) OPI Scores a Goal
6) Amazon…Amazoff
7) I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana
8) Where Did Suzi’s Man-go?
9) Toucan Do It If You Try
10) Kiss Me I’m Brazilian
11) Live.Love.Carnaval
12) Red Hot Rio




    Opi Brazil Beach Sandies (Liquid Sand Textured 4 Piece Mini Collection)


1) Samba-dy Loves Purple – textured violet
2) I’m Brazil Nuts Over You – textured matte pink
3) What’s a Little Rain Forest – textured matte blue
4) You’re So Flippy Floppy – textured yellow

Swatches courtesy Swatch and Learn


OVeRALL: I won’t call colors absolutely unique, but they are all super exciting, vibrant and make me want to own each one !! Absolutely looking forward to it !!!

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