Splat ! Not Even a Splatter …?

Hello friends !!
I have been really “motivated” to try the marble nail Art .. I have seen these really breathtaking color patters and contrasts that I wanted one so bad. So, YouTube guides me 🙂
Let me share my secret :
1) Start with a base of white nail polish.


2.) Take a bowl of water and contrast polishes you want to use. I started off with these three…


3.) In the bowl add a drop of polish a and let it spread on its surface. Then add the next color and randomly add color drops. Now…. Dip the finger one at a time and see the magic happen … ( people ask to put tape around the finger only exposing the nail but I skipped the part cause I didn’t find a tape handy and I assumed that I will just clean the extra with a remover .. So this is my Picasso !! Pictures are trial one, second and third ..



Yup !! 😦
I will try it again , maybe taping around the nail helps .. Don’t know Will try ..
So after my this “mis-adventure” I picked something ironic from my stash .. Zoya Destiny , a vibrant orange Popsicle color with golden shimmer, Matt finish pixie and I used a top coat for a change ..



Until next time .. Take care friends !!

Thanks for reading …
If you would like for me or the readers to checkout your blog for a related post please leave a link in the comments section, we will be more than happy to give it read!!!! That’s how blogging friends work.. Sharing common interests Right?? 🙂


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