Butter London Fiddlesticks & Scallywag

Hello beautiful people!
I wanted to share and spare you all the horror of two polishes I purchased from Butter London , Scallywag and Fiddlesticks.


Now the website from the company does give a very very accurate description of the two ..

Full coverage, bright turquoise glitter suspended in a clear base.


The brushes were small to use. The formula consistency is a bit runny. The picture shows a single thick coat on the index finger, a single thin coat on the middle finger and two big coats on the ring finger with a top coat. This is he first time EVER that I didn’t want to apply the polish on all the nails. This was so disappointing 😦 I was most excited for this polish and the swatches made me believe it was somewhat similar to Zoya Dream, but could I be more wrong! This polish takes forever to dry unless I apply super thin coats and build it up (I don’t have that much time ). Notice the middle finger how the formula causes balding and dragging of the polish. NOT Worth $15 !


Next up is:

Full coverage, semi-matte, magenta glitter suspended in a raspberry base.

Again very accurate.


20140118-085720.jpg You are looking at one coat on index , two on middle and two on ring with a top coat. The polish dries quick. Formula was easy to use. The finish is Matt but it’s the first time I have disliked a RED polish (all those who have read my past posts know how I am obsessed with shades if Red polish). It looked cheap and didn’t really have a depth until I added a top coat. I had to blurr the picture to show the depth with the top coat ( on the rear finger)


OVERALL : absolutely disappointed. Not worth the $15. I would not use these at all. They looked cheap and didn’t look good on my hands at all. I have never been so much disappointed in a polish. Don’t waste your money on this brand (sorry but that’s how bad I found them). There are cheaper polishes in the market with much better quality.

These are quite some more are available on their website as Last Call Items. Selling for half price Sale ends at 11:59 PM PST on 1-23-14.

Thanks for reading …
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