Gimmie Gimmie Some More ..

Hello readers!
It’s snowing outside right now !! This is the view outside my car window in the parking lot 🙂

20140110-101044.jpg Now sitting in the car I was browsing and wondering that there are such georgeous talented people out there and I hand picked a few swatches I wanted to share and appreciate .. *This is not my work but simply a collection of other peoples appreciation worthy work. I have included the links to where these are originally from , feel free to check out the work and be amazed like me :)* So sit back and enjoy !

20140110-165610.jpgGlitter Gal Dark Purple 3D Holographic

20140110-165921.jpgHits Moonbow layered over Hits Cutie Pie


20140110-170532.jpgJordana Red Flash & Jordana Carnival

20140110-170841.jpgKB Shimmer I Got A Crush On Blue

20140110-171201.jpgJin Soon Blue Iris

20140110-171507.jpgEmily de Molly Turbulence continued to part 2


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