Purple Rain Purple Pain- Sephora Big Bang, Zoya Belinda

Hello People!
Today is a bit of a disappointing review for a set of polishes I was super excited about. After using the Sephora Formula X – Oh Zone I was very excited to try something else from the collection. But since it’s a little expensive $10.50-12.50 a pop , I was a little reluctant. But I was so impressed with the one polish I used that I went ahead and ordered the whole Sephora Formula X System. It comes with a cleanser, base coat, too coat and a choice of any nail color for $32 (polish is free if you purchase the system). After much mental debate I decided to go for the Lusters Big Bang a gorgeous dark purple multi-glitter. This was a color that I was most excited about from all of my holiday shopping. Turns out to be a complete disaster. The polish is very thick and applies lumpy. The glitter doesn’t show after the polish is applied and dried. It looks like a flat, cheap polish..


20131215-124320.jpg And this is the image from the Sephora Page

20131215-124513.jpg They look nothing alike.


20131215-124631.jpg This is definitely going back for a refund.
I also compared it to the Zoya Belinda, the Website calls it a full coverage cosmic metallic. Sadly this was a bad formula, the color looks amazing in the bottle, unfortunately doesn’t transfer over the nail.



20131215-125008.jpgThe index and ring finger is the Zoya Belinda and the middle/little finger is the Sephora Big Bang. They look quite similar without the flash.

20131215-125330.jpgThat’s the flash. I didn’t do a good finish mainly because I was so disappointed that I just wanted to take it all off.This was by far the most un-flattering Zoya polish I have owned.
The Sephora Big Bang was a struggle to remove , but it looked much better with a little swipe of polish remover, that showed the silver glitter

Overall: Disappointed in both the polishes. I made a video to show how bad the Sephora Big Bang really is ..Let me know what you all think ..

FYI: I had taken off the polish right after taking pictures, today my nails are stained purple



Would love to hear your inputs please....

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