Sephora Free Gifts

Hello people!
I have been getting my cyber Monday shopping in mail … I thought about sharing with you all.
This might help those who like me, believe that a “picture can say a thousand words”.. Well Yea … Thousand words but not enough to paint a true picture.
I jumped at the idea of Free Birthday Gift Mini, turns out it’s actually minis!! I mean, come on ! Wish me Happy B’Day but give me something I can use a while.The mascara was 3.0g Net wt 0.1oz and the Face Highlighter was 2.5g Net wt 0.08oz.


20131212-094214.jpgthe Website says

20131212-094433.jpgSo, they didn’t promise false, they just delivered what they promised .. Hope you get that 🙂
These are just samples for week maybe, I don’t know, overall not bad for free but it killed my excitement .. Sorry..
Next I selected the was the Free Clutch with 12 Samples, the Ongoing Promotions can be seen here.This is what I got


20131212-101345.jpgFor free it’s not bad at all, although expecting from Sephora the clutch quality was a little let down (felt cheap). The have a new bag for Christmas, use Code FIXITduring checkout..
Overall, I love Sephora, the free stuff was not what I was super excited about, maybe I was just expecting too much ..


Would love to hear your inputs please....

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