Zoya Pepper, PixieDust Nyx, PixieDust Destiny

Hello Bloggies,
Getting chilly outside.. It’s Christmas in the Air !! I just got lucky at one of theZoya Flash Promos!! I has never used the PixieDust or any textured polish before so I took the jump, and boy am I glad !!
I believe that non one can EVER have too many Shades Of Red Makeup .. EVER!
I ordered the cream finish Zoya Pepper.Its a beautiful opaque in single coat brick-red-brown polish.I applied two coats with no top coats(pardon the clumsy finish, but the formula is very rich and applies beautifully). It’s a part of the Zoya Cashmere and Satins for Fall 2013 Collection, retails for $8



20131211-090228.jpgThe first picture has double of the Pepper, and single coat of NYX, and two coats of Destiny.The Zoya Nyxin single application looks like many other glitter polishes on the market until you see the finished product! It’s a grey-denim color with silver glitter. It’s a Matt finish and usually 4 coats are needed for perfect finish. They are supposed to be amongst the longest wearing polishes in the market (which I will have to test for myself yet). Retails at $9, it’s part of the Spring 2013 PixieDust Collection.
The next up is Zoya Destiny,part of the Summer 2013 PixieDust Collection. It’s a textured Matt finish bright orange, feels like a Popsicle on the nails , with pretty golden glitter. It’s very heavily packet glitter that gives the texture but the formula runs pretty normal if not thin for this intensity of glitter bits. Nyx although felt more runny, I had to reapply it because it ran down my nails (maybe because I was super excited to see the textured finish that I over applied). The Destiny retails at $9 and it’s a very pretty shade for any time wear. The finish needed four layers of the PixieDust beauties.




20131211-093211.jpgLet me know how you like them..


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