Opi – Chic From Ears To Tail

Hello there, 

I grabbed an Opi at a discount and the color seemed pretty catchy… The Opi : Chic from Ears to Tail. It’s a light shade of pink and needed 3 coats for a complete opaque-color defining coverage

A single coat of the polish , no base coat applied

The single coat hardly even looks like a color applied. Streaks are very visible ( which is understandable considering that it’s a very light shade)
This is the coverage with two coats,

no base or top coats applied

After the second coat the color seems a little visible , although it did dry in quick timing, it fails to impress my liking. The color struggles for originality and lacks a wow factor ..
Three cost makes the color more definite bit some streakness is still visible.


The color looks beautiful in pictures but it did not look pretty on my hands. It’s more like a desperate attempt at making things work when it’s a clear mis-match. This shade of pink made it looked like a kids play on my nails , I have always lived pinks on my nails but this was disappointing ..

My verdict : unless you have a little girl in your house who you can pass this to , I suggest skipping it altogether … . 


Would love to hear your inputs please....

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