OPI – My Favorite Ornament

Hello people, 

My health walk took me to Ulta .. The smell of cosmetics and the pops of color just makes me smile 🙂 and it’s healthy to smile .. It improves blood flow and is good for complexion .. Hence, health walk !
I stumbled upon this Golden Glitter polish from the Opi holiday collection by Mariah Carey, it’s called Opi My Favourite Ornament

Its a golden fine glitter polish with a smooth finish (although it looks like a typical glitter finish) ,I applied it over my Revlon Red 680 nail polish… 
This is taken inside the store at the cash register and I have applied a single coat. In all fairness, the coverage is great , very “signature Opi” , it’s beautiful glitter golden that can be applied as a stand alone polish. I know I should have captured a shot of the polish in the sun where it was so dreamy .. My apologies..  
But overall for retailing almost at $9 .. My honest verdict to the shopper will be pass it .. Unless you are seriously looking for a deep glitter golden , look for a cheaper option although if you do purchase it , you certainly will be pleased .. And yes, unlike some expensive or cheap glitters , this came of like a regular polish .. Super duper easy … So give it a try , if you are ready to splurge and overlook the pinch in the wallet , you will not regret it. 

Would love to hear your inputs please....

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