Classic and Classy – 680 Revlon Red

Hello bloggies ..!

What a great weekend .. We just celebrated the Indian festival of Lights called “Diwali”… !! 
It’s all about cleaning the house an decorating it with lights .. Preparing a feast at home and having lots of sweets ( and then worry about shedding the extra Lbs )…
Anyways .. I wore a triditional India hand embroidered salwar-kamiz and this was my nails … The ever classic and ever beautiful “Revlon Red 680″ ..

We all surely remember the 90’s when the red was “hot” .. I mean the face of Cindy Crawford wearing red lipstick and nail paints and the red swimsuits of Baywatch…. I suppose all that is do deep into our memories that Red is more of a basic must have than a could have ..

This is one of the most beautiful red nail color I have see. .. Not orange-ish .. Not maroon-ish .. JUST RED ..
And this classic looks good any time of the year and day of the year , any occasion or no occasion. 

I used a Sally Hansen base coat, and just a single coat of nail polish for perfect coverage. It dries pretty decent and the formula is just right. It’s a streak-free finish in one coast, no base applied, and it has a nice glossy finish. 

The following pictures were clicked when the morning sun rays hits my bedroom walls .. Can’t get over how pretty the color looks .. It’s like Christmas on Nails 🙂 

For all those who question it’s position in your makeup vanity, this one is worth being a permanent member. I surely own a few reds and somehow my love or fancy for it doesn’t stop … Give me a red anyday and I will still ask for more 🙂 

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