Nail Polish Stains… What !!!

Hello there ..
Happy Halloween !! I am really enjoying watching the excitement of my older son.. This is the first time he is this excited about the whole “trick or treat” !! 
He has dressed up like a pilot in bomber jacket and the word war II type caps 🙂 looking super cute .. He is calling out to kids and giving out candy .. 
In all this fun, I am feeding the baby inside the house and noticed that this is what my nails look like right now .. 

I am always using the Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Base Coat and the Harmon brand Nail Polish Remover, but I suppose my constant use of nail paints is causing this. 
It’s nothing bad, but I guess my nails are going nude for a bit till it’s back to its former glory 🙂
Do you have any tips to remove the nail paint stains ?? 
I will try soaking then in some warm water and baking soda in hopes that it might work .. Will keep you all posted 🙂 
By talker blogger Posted in Chaos

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