NARS – Afghan Red Lipstick

Hello there , 

Today I was in Sephora ( why? Well I was in JC Penny and I needed to use the restroom and it’s strange but thoughtful that it is routed via the Sephora 🙂 ,yea well I had to explain my walk-in the store to my husband 😀
So anyways, since I was “looking for the restroom in the store via Sephora” .. I tried on NARS Afghan Red Lip Color.



Sorry about the horrible picture, but I managed to click real quickly .. I didn’t apply anything on my lips besides the lipstick. The shade is nothing extremely new but it’s a pretty shade for winters. The lipstick didn’t last quite long , but it was on for as long as most lipsticks .. ( mine usually disappear within an hour of talking , eating, drinking water and stuff .. So I wont rave about it lasting too long .. It felt light on lips and a just fine moisturizer .. Nothing exceptional or extra- ordinary .. One might invest for the color of the product which is pretty but not unique, nothing else … Overall , I won’t spend that amount of $$ into it ..


Would love to hear your inputs please....

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