School Day Special

Hello people..

It’s been two nights that I have slept late and been up soon so tonight I actually dozed right off after feeding the baby, untill I was woken up by my husband walking in the bedroom .. He had been working in the office.. So I decided to share the highlights of my day.
It’s wonderful to see how fact life moves! My younger one is getting more and more active and interactive each day, it’s beautiful.
My older son ( he turns 5 in January 2014) had his special day at school where he takes the snacks for the class and is “Class Captain”. He took his current favourite book “Curious George” for a show and tell. I was welcomed to sit in the class and record the morning routine which involves singing the Pledge of Allegience, holding the flag, observing the weather outside and informing the class his observation (thereby learning the seasons and the. Weather). It also includes , story reading by the teacher . Towards the end of story, he will pick three kids amongst the class and answer their questions regarding the story…. It was great to see how school and social influences will help Grow and evolve a child. 

All in all, the day was fun. Super tired. ….zzzzz
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