Spoiled by Wet n Wild – My Button Fell Off & NYC 105 Starry Silver Glitter

Hey people, 

So here is my new buy from CVS , the Spoiled -My Button Fell Off… A very light baby pink and a NYC glitter- 105 Starry Silver.

Single coat. (with a base coat)

I put on a second coat but still not too opaque. Although the drying time is very little .. 

This is two coats of “My Button Fell Off”

And this is the final ..three coats..that’s what I needed for full opaquity and finish 

Camera doesn’t do justice but its a very pretty color and it’s A little of a baby pink .. This picture was taken inside around 1 am !! So it’s not really what it looks like.. Sorry…

The glitter polish from NYC Starty Silver ( it can be passed for Opi – polka.com) was nice and easy to spread. Has macro silver , pink and blues with a micro silver. .. Nice and a little different than a few others I own..
And here it is the next day 

And sadly this is at night .. This is about 24 hours after application .. Notice how it’s chipped and unfortunately it’s not even my prominent hand .. Kinda disappointing … 

I never wear a top coat but this never happened so fast with any nail paint ..Infact all other Spoiled polished I have used have really lasted long, this was the first cream composition I used by Spoiled and was absolutely disappointed ..  I suppose this brand is great for Metallica but not cream formulas .. Took the polish right off within    24 hours … 


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