White Nail Paint .. Pro Or No…

Hey Bloggies .. 

I have always been kinda attracted to the magic of white.. The white that includes all the colors yet has no color on its own .. Interesting … 
Well, I have used a white nail paint before but the poor bottle got dried up after just a couple of uses and long time avoidance to its existence 😦
So , here I am .. Back with my fight with white .. 
I purchased two brands from CVS.. The NYC 134 French White Tip and the Spoiled by Wet n Wild – Correctuon Tape.. Both cost me $1.99 

Spoiled by Wet n Wild : Correction Tape

On my thumb: 2 coats of Spoiled Correction Tape Nail Color (no base coat or top coat)

My Index finger wears two coats of NYC 134 French White Tip (no base coats or top coat)

The verdict : Spoiled polish has a much opaque and a smooth finish than the NYC. The opaquity of the Spoiled is definitely noticeable ! 
Now , when I opened the bottle here is the close-up of the brush for the Spoiled Nail Paint ..

And again : 

But to be honest, took a quick snip and all was nice and ready to go ..
The thickness difference in the two brushes was quite noticeable .. 

 The top is from the NYC polish and the bottom one is from the Spoiled collection by Wet n Wild 

But to be honest, I liked the thicker brush of the Spoiled Polish more .. Takes about two strokes to cover my nail bed, the NYC is like painting a canvas with a pencil crayon, a bit annoying to my likes .. 
Overall .. A white is to a nail paint collection what the black dress is to a wardrobe .. A must have And can never go out of fashion or use ..
but yes, smallest flaws are
Highlighted on white nail paints and even though they bring this strange catchiness to the eye, they do take over the colors from
Almost anything ( including food) you dip your hands into … So if you plan on an evening out , either eat and go or Oder what u don’t need to touch .. 

Would love to hear your inputs please....

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