Revlon Colorstay Long wear Nail Paint – 250 Rich Rasberry

Hello bloggies.. 

The temperature outside has started to drop and while I search for the latest color trends in nail paints I find that for some reason all big fashion houses seem to prefer “dull” shades .. I mean what could be more catchy than pretty eye-popping colors in the cold ?
So my search for a nice bright color gets me to the Revlon Colorstay “Rich Rasberry”. It coats about $8.49 at my local drug store, but the color looked really nice in the bottle. 
And what does a pretty color say to a woman .. “BUY ME .. BUY ME” ..

Oooh, that’s a single coat
Well then the countdown starts.. I waited for the first coat to dry before the final second , but it took more than ten minutes!! And for a woman who loves nail paints but has my kids as my priority, every second counts… I was getting restless plus worried.. Didn’t want to remove a lovely nail color ( unless it did dry before the baby woke !)   but also didn’t want to loose the opportunity to completely finish the job ( second coat and admiration 🙂 

The final double coat ..

Now with kids asleep and all every second counts..!! But believe me when I say it took more than 25 mins to dry !!! ( WHAT…!!).. And I love Revlon, but this time was disappointing investment. 
Anyways, I hoped the time invested would make my nail paint last a week at least , and here it was the next morning.
Notice how even after 25 minutes the polish has an imprint of the bed sheets and my index finger has a little bit of a nail paint chip…. disappointing.. 
Lovely color….but the time and quality … No thank you .. I’ll pass … 

The next morning …      😦

Let me know if anyone tried this line of a Revlon .. And how you liked it .. 

Would love to hear your inputs please....

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