Essie : Fall 2013 : The Lace Is On

Okay ! 

I just grabbed my first Essie bottle today and after much debate in my mind I opted for the latest number from the Essie Fall 2013 collection , The Lace Is On..

One coat application 

Well, I must admit the quality did impress me.. The polish dried super quick and the  paint has this micro glitter that really has a nice shine to the polish. 

Here I just applied a base coat and the polish had a smooth finish , although I did need to play around on my ring finger nail for an even finish… 
This is me with the second coat . One can live with a single coat but the beat result will need a double .. 

Two coats 

The color is purple-ish.. But nothing I have never used or seen before .. 

Two Coats (in flash)

The flash makes it look more like an electric purple color.. It’s nice , I however don’t think it fits in my liking section ..and surely not worth spending $8 ( I paid that a local beauty shop) . It’s surely worth the quality and the finish but the color … Mmmm .. I’ll pass… 

Would love to hear your inputs please....

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