Spoiled by Wet n Wild – Orange You Glad

Okay people !! 

Sorry about the gap in the post. Have been literally crashing at nights as soon as the baby sleeps .. He is waking up a bit more frequent than usual so obviously it means that I get lesser sleep and more wakey wakey at nights ..
Anyways .. I really had kind of mixed feeling about the spoiled nail paint .. It’s a  bright tangerine color but has  this metallic finish to it ( not amongst my favourites to be honest ) .. But I gave it a try and might I say .. I don’t quite dislike it .. It actually looks pretty “Halloweeney” .. 

Indoors at night ( no flash )

Indoors at night ( with flash)

The color here has been applied as coats  back to back .. The polish dries so fast that I was applying the second coat as soon as I was done with the first coat on both hands !! 
I used my base coat but no top coats .. Overall the polish has this tiny glitters to it that add a nice metallic finish to it.

Indoors ( no flash) top coat

Overall I was using orange for the Halloween season but it does look pretty good for wear otherwise..
The brush was awesome !! Had a great thickness and even spread the polish well. Overall very proud

In the sun , the next day, up and close 

It has this micro- glitter that kinda pops ! 
Loved the sun through the window blinds on my feet …
All in all.. For about $1.99 at local pharmacy , this is a sure “Do Not Miss” to add into your collection .. 

After Two days, looks the same 


Would love to hear your inputs please....

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