Revlon Nail Enamel 16 Teak Rose

Okay people !! 

Got me a Revlon Teak Rose from local pharmacy as I got a good deal on it .. Couldn’t wait to try it on and might I say that I was actually quite impressed .. This is a very very subtle but a classic pinkish-earthy color. For some reason the pink color and it’s shades have been my comfort color. I believe that each one if us have this color that we can use over and over again and never question it’s beauty .. That’s pink to me .. And not just any pinks .. Mostly cream finish , opaque, non glitter earthy pinks .. The color can never go out of fashion nor the nails look under-dressed.. So here it is ..

The revlon 161 Teak Rose
Single coat: no flash (indoor)

Single coat: with flash (indoor)

All I needed was a single coat and it was enough although 2 coats would surely look even better , but I really wanted to put it on and share it with you all .. It dries pretty fast and like any revlon applies pretty smooth and even .. I did use a base coat by Sally handed and no too coats .. 
The Finish is glossy and it surely is amongst the must have nail colors for emergencies .. Try it and let me know …  Good luck !!

Would love to hear your inputs please....

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