Ulta Moody Blues (Navy Blue Nail Paint)

Hey people,

Rather than the old Black I find this navy blue a rather tempting change … 
There are a few brands with pretty much the same color .. 
The one I used is Ulta Moody Blues…
The others are Revlon-Midnight Affairs ,Essie- No More Film , Chanel-Blue Satin, MAC- Chen Man Love, NARS- 413 BLKR midnight blue,.. And many more …which pretty much are the same color but different prices from lower to much higher… 

And this is the finished look, only used a base coat, one coat of nail paint and no top coat … 

All in all, looks dark but still has a little naughty touch to it .. Pretty much one of my favorite colors for this fall/winter 2013… some days i will just apply my Matt top coat and have another version of it .. I even tried to French tip it once with my NYC TriBeCa Silver and it looked pretty nice .. Overall .. This is staying amongst my top pics for a little while… The Polish doesn’t chip even after a few days of wear although the nail polish does start fading from the tips ( which is pretty understandable considering my. “extra care” .. Heh heh .. ) .. But my dear bloggies .. Give this color a try and you will fall in love with it.. 

Oh by the way this is after two days of application … Looks the same as the day I applied.. 


Would love to hear your inputs please....

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