10 Professional Nail Lacquer & NYC TriBeCa Silver

Hey people ūüôā

Got me a red nail paint.
This is the color:

And I quite like it ! I have this for a while now and it didn’t go bad or anything. The brush is real nice and the application is very convenient. The polish is a thinner formula compared to a few others but has a surprisingly good coverage and even a single coat looks pretty good, I am showing you what a single coats looks like without a base or a top coat. The polish has a shine that looks perfect for any occasion use.¬†
 Finally I ended up applying two coats which dried in less than two minute. 
I was trying on a somewhat ombré look,
But I tried to tweak it a bit.. Here is what I used :

It’s the NYC TriBeCa silver , it has a nice glitter to it but applies well..¬†

And I thought why not be a bit crazy and use a cotton swab, so nothing fancy but I just dipped it right into the bottle :

I then dabbed it on the tips of the nails while going back into the polish bottle for a color recharge .. And this is the end result ..

Overall I loved the look, but I just think it’s more suited for a Christmas time ūüôā¬†
I looked sparkly and the red really popped .. I didn’t use a top coat and I was good and shiny :))¬†
So lemme know how you like it .. 
Or maybe post some pictures of your versions of ombré .. 

Would love to hear your inputs please....

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